YOUTH CAMP AND TEAM BUILDING MANAGEMENT, INC. (“YOUTH CAMP”) values the safety and the general welfare of its camper/guest/visitor, therefore, Youth Camp requires everyone to read and observe the following rules and regulations.


  1. The group leader is responsible for informing/orienting his group of their responsibilities while at the camp venue and for making sure that all rules and regulations are followed.
  2. Upon arrival at the camp venue, all vehicles must remain parked, unless special permission is obtained from the Group Representative and coordinated to the Management. Maximum speed limit inside the premises is 10 kph. All vehicles should only park on designated parking areas. (Swing Area Grounds, Grounds in front of the Mess Hall)
  3. No candles in any building unless approved by Management.
  4. No taping of items on walls or windows unless approved by Management.
  5. The use of the bonfire area is subject to requisition. During campfires there must be 2 five gallon buckets filled with water in close proximity to the campfire. Campfires are not to be left unattended. No campfires near buildings or structures
  6. Adults are required to attend and supervised the needs of the minors in their company.
  7. No smoking is allowed in buildings.
  8. Use of profane or abusive language and/or disruptive or disorderly shall not be tolerated.
  9. Presence or use of prohibited and dangerous drugs or anyone under the influence of such drugs shall not be tolerated within the camp.
  10. No alcoholic beverages shall be served to minors. Adults are required to observe moderate alcohol consumption.
  11. Sky Lanterns, Fireworks or firearms will not be allowed anywhere inside the camp.
  12. Pets are not allowed.
  13. Group leaders are financially responsible for damage to the camp venue. A statement of damages will be sent to the group leaders and the sponsoring organization or institution.
  14. Common ground shower and toilet, located at the back of the Big House building is open and available for the use of our guests.
  15. Lights off at 12 mid night. Extended use of the facilities is subject to additional charge.
  16. Fee shall be charged accordingly on the following cases : Availing/Installing/bringing additional lights/ appliances or any equipment that will need electricity, borrowing from Camp kitchen/dining utensils, Reheating of Food / Cooking, assigning errand to Camp Staff, Breakages or Lost, or other request which are not included in the availed package of the group/client.


  1. Camper/guest/visitor may use whatever clothing they find comfortable and appropriate in the camp situation. (During rope course activities : Participants are required to wear sporty attire and rubber shoes. Wearing of any jewelry/accessory is not allowed. Participants with long hair needs to tie back their hair).
  2. It is the responsibility of the camper/guest/visitor to label all of their belongings.
  3. The camper/guest/visitor is responsible for his/her belongings. Management shall not be responsible and/or be held liable for any misplaced, lost or damaged belongings.


  1. Schedule of Meals:
    Breakfast – 7 am                     AM Snack – 9:30 am
    Lunch – 12 nn                            PM Snack – 3 pm
    Supper – 6 pm
    The above schedule may be changed provided that prior arrangements have been made with the management.


  1. Group representative has to sign linens/guest supply form & requisition form upon checking that the rooms assigned to them are with linens/personal care kit (if applicable), air-con remote and room key.
  2. No candles inside cabin.
  3. No taping of items on walls or windows.
  4. Only drinking water may be taken in the camper/guest/visitors’ rooms.
  5. No smoking is allowed inside rooms.
  6. Turn off lights, fans and air-conditioning before leaving.
  7. No hanging / drying of wet clothes at terrace of Single Detached Rooms and at the lobby of the Big House. There is a designated drying area in front of the laundry building.


  1. On the client’s departure, check under all furniture and around mattresses for your forgotten items. Check for anything left in the shower area.
  2. Surrender the following to the Administration Office : room key, air con remote and borrowed tools/supplies/equipment(if applicable).


  1. The swimming pool shall be open from 8am to 5pm. (Should you wish to avail and use the swimming pool facilities outside of the authorized schedule, please obtain the approval of Management at least a day before the intended use. )
  2. NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY. In connection to this, never allow/leave a minor/child unsupervised near or in the pool. Authorized Representative / Parents and/or guardians are required to appoint a designated watcher to protect the minor / children from any pool accident.
  3. Everybody shall take a shower before getting into pool.
  4. Standard apparel:
    MALE – trunks or swimming shorts
    FEMALE – swimsuits or bathing suits
    Jeans or any other makeshift swimsuits will not be permitted in the water. Only face masks and goggles with non-breakable lenses may be used in the pool.
  5. Eating, drinking and chewing of gums are strictly prohibited. Picnic and other areas are provided for consumption of food.
  6. Smoking, spitting, blowing of nose and other bodily discharges into the pool area are strictly prohibited.
  7. The pool management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person or using the pool may be denied for any condition or evidence, which, in the opinion of the manager, will jeopardize the health and safety of the general public.
  8. No diving. No rough play shall be allowed inside the pool area. Rough play, such as dunking, riding on shoulders, etc, shall not be permitted in the swimming pool. Playing and stunts while within the swimming pool are strictly prohibited.



  2. In everything we do, SAFETY FIRST.
  3. Buddy buddy system
  4. 100 % focus to all activities
  5. Open your mind, suspend judgment
  6. If the cell phone rings, the team sings!
  7. Bring lots of positive disposition
  8. Bring lots of patience
  9. Know more about your team
  10. ENJOY & LEARN!!


  1. Sporty attire (out door activities)
  2. Leggings / warmers / cycling shorts /jogging pants
  3. Colored clothes /easy dry/ thin clothes
  4. Big Hanky or Bandana
  5. Caps or shortfits
  6. Rubber shoes or trekking sandals (comfortable)
  7. Extra set of clothes ( shirt, shorts, socks etc.)
  8. Gloves for hand protections


  1. Bring Scarf or Handkerchief, for blindfold games, e.g. Trust Walk / Blind Man’s Trail.
  2. Skin protections
  3. Personal Medicines ( with sets of at least 2-3 days or as needed)
  4. Insect repellant
  5. Personal toiletries
  6. Avoid bringing valuable things ( Bring only those that are necessary for the training. )
  7. If there is a special need, bring medical gadgets ( ie. Glucometer or BP gadgets)

NOTE : The rope course is a very safe place when all safety procedures are followed. For this reason the Technical Staff/Outdoor facilitator has the final say on safety. If the Technical Staff/Outdoor Facilitator feels the event is unsafe for any reason, or if the group is acting in a dangerous manner, the event will be stopped.


  1. The Technical Staff/Outdoor Facilitator should be made aware of any health problems participants have that may influence them on the course. This includes allergies to bee stings and poison ivy, as well as asthma, diabetes, heart condition, old injuries with chronic symptoms or recent surgeries.
  2. Closed toed, low heel shoes must be worn at all times, i.e. tennis shoes / rubber shoes
  3. Hair long enough to be pulled back must be neatly tied.
  4. Jewelry of any type including watches and non-prescription sunglasses must not be worn and should not even be brought to the ropes course.
  5. No gum, candy or other food items are allowed on the course.
  6. No knives or other sharp objects are allowed on the course.
  7. No smoking, alcoholic beverages, drugs, radios, fireworks or firearms are allowed in the ropes course area.
  8. No one is to attempt or even touch an event until after the Technical Staff/Outdoor Facilitator has given the safety considerations, objectives, and parameters of the event and invited the group to proceed.
  9. No stacking more than two people high (discourage any stacking, and consider other alternatives.)
  10. No jumping off events.
  11. No sitting on cables.
  12. No one can do mid or high courses that cannot properly fit in a harness.
  13. People with medical issues that could be aggravated by events may not do those events.


(a) Caterer shall supply its own food and beverages, dishes, cutlery, silverware, glassware, linens and other utensils, tables, chairs and other equipment, necessary to be used in connection with the catering of affairs. Caterer shall also furnish its own personnel for the preparation and service of food and beverages at such catered affairs.

(b) Caterer shall only start setting up their arrangement from 6am onwards, within the day of the affair. For early set up or one (1) day prior to the date of an affair. Caterer should coordinate with Camp Allen Administration to seek permission for early set up. Note: All set up shall be allowed until 5pm only. Extended hours shall be subject to additional charge of P 500.00 for the first hour and P 250.00/hr for the next succeeding hours.

(c) Caterer shall only use the provided area by Camp Allen for their food and service area. WASHING OF USED DISHES, GLASSES AND OTHER UTENSILS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

(d) Caterer shall properly maintain and keep Camp Allen Venue, kitchen, accessories, equipment, tables and chairs (if Applicable), in good order and repair as they are now, except for reasonable wear and tear and damage by accidental fire or other casualty occurring through negligence of Caterer. By reason of the negligence of Caterer or those employed by or acting on its behalf, Caterer shall pay for the cost of such repairs and/or replacement.

(e) Caterer shall properly and completely packed up their utensils, linens, equipment, tables and chairs immediately after the completion of an affair or additional fees shall be charged to the Caterer.

(f) Caterer shall follow all general regulations as stated or may be added in the future.